We congratulate all ÖGAI 2017 Prize winners!


Oral Presentation Awards

Oral Session 1
Izabela Borek
(O1.4) Bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) signalling defines psoriatic niche and instructs human inflammatory Langerhans cells

Oral Session 2
Sabine Flicker
(O2.2) Antibody conjugates bi-specific for ICAM1 and allergens prevent epithelial penetration of allergens and rhinovirus infection

Oral Session 3
Bernhard Kratzer
(O3.6) Prophylactic treatment with virus like-nanoparticles (VNP) containing shielded allergen prevents sensitization in a mouse model of mugwort allergy

Oral Session 4
Sherezade Moñino Romero
(O4.6) The soluble isoform of human FcepsilonRI is an endogenous inhibitor of IgE-mediated responses

Oral Session 5
Natalija Simonovic
(O5.6) TYK2 regulates NK cell function by cell-intrinsic and -extrinsic mechanisms

Oral Session 6
Ursula Smole
(O6.2) The acute phase protein serum amyloid A1 (SAA1) is a key component of innate type 2 immunity in allergic diseases


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Poster Presentation Awards

Poster Session 1
Andrea Pölzl
(P01.04) Tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) enables sustained IL-1β production through the upregulation of caspase-11 during endotoxemia

Poster Session 2
Gabriela Sánchez Acosta
(P02.03) Induction of food-specific blocking antibodies for birch pollen-related food allergies

Poster Session 3
Liisa Andersen
(P03.16) MAZR Modulates Regulatory T Cell Development and Function

Poster Session 4
Vanessa Mayr
(P04.02) Establishment of a new expression platform for plant allergens

Poster Session 5
Felicitas Mungenast
(P05.09) Ectopic lymphoid structures in cancer tissues: dissecting complexity and functionality

Poster Session 6
Johanna Strobl
(P06.01) A subset of long-lived memory T cells resides in the skin of hematopoietic stem cell recipients

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